Romulus & Remus  Hot Chocolate mix

Romulus & Remus Hot Chocolate mix

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The { vegan } milk Chocolate mix to awaken the Child in You! 

A delicious 64% almond-base milk Chocolate & cinnamon. The jar is for 35 servings, pure cacao, no sugar!

Romulus and Remus, as you well know, are twin brothers, whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome and the Roman Kingdom by Romulus. Since ancient times, the image of the twins being suckled by a she-wolf has been a symbol of the city of Rome and the Roman people. Just like the twins, let the she-wolf nurture your spirit and soul!

Contains: 64% almond milk base cacao, 100% pure raw Criollo cacao from Peru, cinnamon spice and sticks.

Nota bene: a jar for 35 servings - 1 coffee spoon in 2dl of almond, rice, hemp or any milk of your choosing. For a smooth drink: add little milk to the powder and stir until smooth, then add the rest of the milk. Mostly: Enjoy!!